Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where do you live?

I wish I could say I live in Dildo, but I don't. I live in Honolulu. But maybe you've heard of these two towns:

True story. Guess which town is older? Fucking. It was founded in 1070- or that was when it was named Fucking in honor of Focko (not Fucko) of Austria. Dildo Arm on the other hand (I believe the full name is Dildo Arm and its just Dildo for short) was settled in the late 1700's by Canucks.

I can't wait till I can name my own town...


all carbon said...

That's hilarious. How did you find these towns? You were typing them into Google, weren't you? Go ahead, you can admit it to me.

Franu said...

What kind of crackhead do you take me for?! No, my sister sent me the photo of Fucking and I found Dildo on my own after researching Fucking (i.e. google).