Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where do you live?

I wish I could say I live in Dildo, but I don't. I live in Honolulu. But maybe you've heard of these two towns:

True story. Guess which town is older? Fucking. It was founded in 1070- or that was when it was named Fucking in honor of Focko (not Fucko) of Austria. Dildo Arm on the other hand (I believe the full name is Dildo Arm and its just Dildo for short) was settled in the late 1700's by Canucks.

I can't wait till I can name my own town...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Danu has left the U.S today. She is on her way to Syria where dental care is cheap and thorough. Please write in Danu when you arrive in Damascus and post anything you'd like! I've been thinking of places to move to and maybe I will end up in Syria too. We can take care of all the feral cats and drink tea.

2 days and counting

We have two more days until our show. We have made about 200 earrings and 40 necklaces and I haven't counted the bracelets yet. Its been a very busy month! Setup and opening day are on the same day which causes some added stress. Usually they give you a day in advance to set up your booth and work out the displays but for what ever reason, this event has jammed set-up and opening on the same day. Here is a photo of one of our necklaces from our new "Origami" Line.Wish us luck!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Whaaa? Wait, how disappointing

So scientists are claiming they've finally made an invisible cloak. Sounds high tech but it's not what you're thinking. It's not Harry Potter or even similar to Wonder Woman's jet. Check out all carbon's blog entry, "Quick, Hide me" for a good summary of the Cloak.

Here's a short list of what invisibility might do in the future:
-Invisible nursing blankets
-public masturbation
-invisible walls that can go "on" and "off"
-instant porn
-more reality TV shows about catching cheating spouses, pedophiles, & jackasses

Thursday, October 19, 2006


South Park enters into their 10th episode, Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy, which should also be called the "Dog" episode. As some of you know, I have been following the Dog's shows for a while because:
1)I live in Hawaii and I sometimes have to dodge the Dog's cameras in Chinatown to avoid being in the shots. I hate being on TV. Hey did you know that this guy is HUGE! Not kidding.
2) He wears feathers, man. feathers! and
3) I've been to his house for Trick or treating. No joke.

Last year I went Trick or Treating with Ans and Adn and we found ourselves in Dog's driveway (yes we live in an uppity area- sometimes its good for Trick or Treating, sometimes not. That was a good year). Beth, or "Boobs", kept asking us if we we old enough for Halloween, but really she was teasing us for being too old. But we (Adn and me were devils of some sort and Ans went as Jesus sans mask) had masks on and we figured hey, free candy. Plus we've been trick or treating with Adn. for years now, how could we break the tradition now that we're approaching 30 and he's 13? She called Dog over to check our age but he was doing something (drinking?) in the garage and wouldn't approach us. Anyhoot Boobs didn't give us candy but said we could have the "Adult" treat which freaked me out. Since we were wearing masks, I couldn't see so well and plus it was dark. I had no idea what type of "adult" treat she pushed into my hand. Only later, about half a block away we figured out they were rubber bracelets that said "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on it. Such good memories!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Uhmm...Do we need to be concerned?

So apparently, there have been somewhere between 10-15 other earthquakes since the three big ones on Sunday. I don't know but should we be worried that we're going to get another earthquake or something? I haven't read anything where the scientists say something like, "This is typical of a major earthquake, nothing to be alarmed about" which I thought they normally say. I guess it is normal.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush's Letter

I've never seen one of these "Disaster Declarations" before. In fact, I never even thought about the president writing such a thing. I always thought it would be spoken and then I don't know, someone else would write it down...which is still a possibility and more likely. But it's funny that there's paperwork for this type of thing, I guess.

How I Spent my Birthday

By now most people have heard that Hawaii had a significant earthquake on Sunday ("at 7:07, a 6.6 in the 808", as they are saying here). Yes it was a big earthquake and it was very long. The cat tried to kill himself by trying to jump out of the bedroom window. Luckily he was stopped by the glass and the screen. I also heard reports that people's pet fish also attempted jumping out of their fish tanks. All I remember was thinking at like, 7:06:56 (yes, I knew exactly what second it was) "Why am I up?" and then it hit. Then I remember saying, "I'm scared" to my hubby to which he replied, "Go back to bed". Almost right after he told me to go back to bed a second earthquake hit, much faster and shorter than the previous one. Okay, that's when I freaked out.

Once the shaking and rumbling stopped I ran downstairs to see about everyone else in the house (all in-laws, by the way) and to my embarrassment my mother in law kept saying she thought that I and her son were having "sexy sexy" and "crazies" up above her (our bedroom is right above hers). Meanwhile we are all verifying that we felt it and no one is hurt.

I think very short term, meaning, I really don't think. Everyone almost immediately said to go call my parents on the Big Island to check if they're okay. Oh, crap. There IS a volcano on that island. So I ran upstairs and called my mom and dad and they were laughing. My Dad said he thought that it was the end. That that's how they were going to "go", death by volcanic eruption. After I got off the phone, the power went off. A few minutes later I called my parents back to see if they were still okay. They told me that the mayor of Hilo had already said on the radio it was a 6.5 earthquake. I called my sister on the Mainland and she told me it was a 4.5 earthquake that they were reporting. I've been through enough earthquakes to know the difference between a 4 and 6...This was definitely not a 4. Strange how the information was behind and yet ahead. At least in California they were reporting something. But because they said it was a 4.5 my sister thought it was "nothing" even though I tried to tell her it was a "big one".

The worst thing about the whole situation is that it took Civil Defense in Honolulu took a full 30-40min to communicate via radio to the public what exactly had happened. It may not seem like a long time, but when you don't know what exactly is going on and you know we live in the 21st (? is that right? Aren't we supposed to be in flying cars by now?) century you think we could hurry things up a bit during an emergency. Maybe that's just me. Anyways, luckily I had called my parents and they could inform us that no tsunami was generated, which was the main concern. But for everyone else there was no news. And actually, the initial reports in Honolulu were not given by any officials, and it for the first 4 to 5 hours no specific information about the power situation could be given. Maybe they kept us in the dark to dampen any rioting. I don't know. I do know that only a handful of supermarkets where open hours after the quake and they were escorting people into the store one by one by flashlight. You could only buy things with cash and you had to wait outside until it was your turn. The mall near my house was actually pretty organized and within 2 hours at least, we noticed they had sealed off the entire mall and had security patrolling like crazy. I find it hard to believe that HECO could not even comment or suggest that the power would be out for so long.

But since it was my birthday, my family had previously made arrangements for dinner at The Kahala
(was the Kahala Mandarin hotel). This is the hotel where presidents from all over the world stay at when they have a lay over or they are visiting the islands and it's only like 5 min. away from us. When we got to the hotel we found that they were turning away their own hotel guests at the restaurant and were only taking people with reservations. They opened up another room in the hotel and made makeshift tables for the overflow. It was really strange because there really was no overflow since they were rejecting everyone. I guess because they had put in the effort to make a second dining area they put some people in there, like us. The makeshift dining area was very stuffy and you had to carry your buffet food across the patio from the restaurant to your seat. It was awkward because they would have angry people yelling at the front of the restaurant about how they should be served and that this was an emergency and then you'd have to walk by them with a plate full of food. I believe the hotel told everyone without reservations that the earliest they could take people would be 9pm. I heard a lot of people take the 9pm slot...Dinner was $300+ for 6 people.

All in all it was a peaceful day. Very relaxing and the weather was cool. Lately it has been very hot here, but on Sunday it was breezy and cloudy. Thanks to everyone who checked in on us! My phone was dying and it was very difficult during the whole day to get calls through. Texting worked great though, something to remember next time. A fourth earthquake hit this morning on the Big Island but it was much smaller. I belive we've had something over 68 aftershocked since Sunday. My mother in law is planning on selling her second car now and investing in a generator and emergency supplies. We were poorly prepared for Sunday's events but better off than many other people. It would have been a difference situation if the power was out longer or if we didn't have running water. I think we were really lucky.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Woman tries to sell skeleton on eBay

Uhmm, What other types of skeletons are there? This lady says:

“It’s an anatomical, medical-use skeleton,” Sterling told The Times Herald of Port Huron. “I would never have put it on (eBay) if I thought it was anything other than an anatomical, medical thing.”

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cookie Chronicles

Okay, sorry folks, this is another entry about cats. It's about one cat, actually- Cookie Mamish. She is a Maine Coon mix that started life up in Yonkers and now, before the day is done, will find herself (*hopefully*) in Pinetop, Arizona. Danu is in the process, I'm sure, of preparing for the trip. She and Cookie are actually in Florida chilling with some gators. Seriously.
See, Danu, her mom, and Cookie left their dwelling in Connecticut last month and took a road trip down to Florida with Cookie. Cookie is not your ordinary cat. For one thing, she's huge. While she only weights 11 pounds, she looks close to 20lb. I'm not kidding. Plus she acts like a combination of a well trained bird and a poorly trained dog. Anyhoot, Danu, her mom, and Cookie drove down to Florida with this ginourmous cat that likes to sit on shoulders. They had to sneek her into hotel rooms and Cookie hung out with truckers at gas stations.
Today Cookie will be going through Immigration and Security like a regular person. I hope she stays calm throughout the whole ordeal. Once Danu and Cookie make it to Arizona, they have another 3-4 hour car ride to Cookie's new home somewhere in the mountains with three dudes. Why is Cookie going to Arizona? Because, she can't very well go to Syria! Cookie understand very basic Arabic. Mostly "Get off my bed", and "You are trying to ruin me". She would not fit in there.
Good luck Danu & Cookie!

Update! Cookie and Danu made it all the way to Pinetop. They braved lightening storms and dead car batteries but they made in one peice. One word of advice for future cat travelers: do not wear black when you take your cat to the airport.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Nevermind. The talking cat came home

And he slept on my head all night. I was too scared to move because sometimes when you pull away from him, his claws dig deeper. He was very tired from his trip. I wonder where he went.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Turkey's on Vacation

Hey Guys,
Sad news, Turkey-chan has been missing now for two days. Last time he went missing he was gone for about 5 days and I suspect he went camping at the beach and just didn't think to phone us. Rosie is out right now looking for him.
Here is a photo of Turkey trying to figure out how to build a pergola:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yay me!

This is a short brag blog entry...I sold my first resin peice! I was secretly hoping that it wouldn't sell because I loved it so much but someone picked it up! I am going through a rollercoaster ride now, i'm happy but then i get nervous, what if they receive it and think it's crap? ugh. what can you do, right? just wait it out. Here's a picture of the necklace:

Update*** The person who bought the pendant DID like it very much! Yay!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Special Combs for Everyone

Heads up ladies! I have been holding onto these special combs for a rainy day but it looks like they need to go out to you both soon. Yes, I have in my possesion, two special combs. When I went back to that special comb store I was already thinking of who could use a special comb. Unfortunately I was overwhelmed by all the "special combs" and I wasn't too keen on asking the owner for help again out of fear i sound like a moron. So I sent Ans over armed with your hair types and _he_ asked the owner what kind of comb you should have. So there you have it. We went to a lot of trouble to get these combs! Send me your addresses asap.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Totally useless blog

Okay, so as some of you might know, I've been trying to grow my hair out. I even bought a special brush for this endeavor. However in the process, my hair looks like crap! I've been thinking about perming it so it's "something" and the Gucci lady told me that its the best thing to do. I am thinking that I might agree with her but I don't have the guts to do this. Plus I'd hate to admit that I listened to a Gucci lady (make up stylist btw). I'd rather say someone reading my blog told me to do it. Advice anyone?