Thursday, October 19, 2006


South Park enters into their 10th episode, Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy, which should also be called the "Dog" episode. As some of you know, I have been following the Dog's shows for a while because:
1)I live in Hawaii and I sometimes have to dodge the Dog's cameras in Chinatown to avoid being in the shots. I hate being on TV. Hey did you know that this guy is HUGE! Not kidding.
2) He wears feathers, man. feathers! and
3) I've been to his house for Trick or treating. No joke.

Last year I went Trick or Treating with Ans and Adn and we found ourselves in Dog's driveway (yes we live in an uppity area- sometimes its good for Trick or Treating, sometimes not. That was a good year). Beth, or "Boobs", kept asking us if we we old enough for Halloween, but really she was teasing us for being too old. But we (Adn and me were devils of some sort and Ans went as Jesus sans mask) had masks on and we figured hey, free candy. Plus we've been trick or treating with Adn. for years now, how could we break the tradition now that we're approaching 30 and he's 13? She called Dog over to check our age but he was doing something (drinking?) in the garage and wouldn't approach us. Anyhoot Boobs didn't give us candy but said we could have the "Adult" treat which freaked me out. Since we were wearing masks, I couldn't see so well and plus it was dark. I had no idea what type of "adult" treat she pushed into my hand. Only later, about half a block away we figured out they were rubber bracelets that said "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on it. Such good memories!

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all carbon said...

Dude, I think Dog and I have the same pair of sunglasses.