Monday, October 02, 2006

Special Combs for Everyone

Heads up ladies! I have been holding onto these special combs for a rainy day but it looks like they need to go out to you both soon. Yes, I have in my possesion, two special combs. When I went back to that special comb store I was already thinking of who could use a special comb. Unfortunately I was overwhelmed by all the "special combs" and I wasn't too keen on asking the owner for help again out of fear i sound like a moron. So I sent Ans over armed with your hair types and _he_ asked the owner what kind of comb you should have. So there you have it. We went to a lot of trouble to get these combs! Send me your addresses asap.


danu said...

Thanks for hooking it up with the special combs! This will also make everyone around me happy...mama told me a few days ago i shed more than the cat...maybe special comb helps with this. I also admit that i am excited about the possiblity of combing my way to a smarter me.

all carbon said...

I am very excited about this!