Thursday, September 28, 2006

Best movie scene EVER

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mango Mania

Okay, so the best thing about Hawaii, isn't the beaches, or the girls, or the gay's the mangos. This is the biggest mango i've ever seen. It doesn't look big in the picture, even with the ruler, but it is about the size of a 7 month old baby's head. Trust me. I checked. This mango weighted over 2 pounds! This mango was enough to feed 4 people. It was very very good. We had a very poor mango season this year due to all the dry weather last year. Lychee's also suffered. Can't wait for next year's mango season- it should be good.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Holy Crap- Missing Link Found- Religions forced to consider some things

Holy crap! They;ve found the missing link! This skeletal remain has been eluding anthropologists, religion peeps, and just about everyone for as long as I can remember. When I was living in Africa, that's all anyone would talk about, this so-called missing link and "Lucy". Here's a freaky part from the Timesonline article:

"This is something you find once in a lifetime," Dr Zeresenay said. "Unlike Lucy, the baby has fingers, a foot and a torso. But the most impressive difference between them is that this baby has a face."

The skeleton has a face! Holy hell!

Another interesting part from the article:

The entire skull and torso and most of the upper and lower limbs are present, providing an unprecedented look at a hominin child in the process of development. While other juvenile fossils exist, such as the 2.5 million year old Taung child of the species Australopithecus africanus, they are known only from fragments of skull, bone or teeth.

Selam’s leg and foot bones show her to have been already adept at walking upright even at the age of three, showing conclusively that A. afarensis was an accomplished biped.

Her upper body, however, is more enigmatic: her shoulder blades are similar to those of a modern gorilla, while he fingers are long and curved, like those of a chimpanzee. The canals of her inner ear — important for balance — are also quite chimp-like.

also, I guess they found her tongue bone so Little Lucy was well on her way to becoming a good speaker...

That's all my news for now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Greetings Dear Reader (for I know for a fact, I have only one reader),
Thank you for gently proding me to update this blog. Yes, I have neglected this duty because 1) I forgot my username and 2) I forgot my password and I took that as a "sign". But anyhoot I am back with more video footage! This is what I've been doing lately;

We found this guy at the bottom of our hill, same place we took you Sharebear. One day I'm going to catch me a bufo. I came very close, but right after that clip the sprinklers came on and I ran away. After taking all these camera videos I'm beginning to realize that I really do need some voice lessons or something...I can't belive I sound like that.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Special Combs & Tributes

Update: The giant freaky cane spider has "crossed over" (see previous post). He was discovered this afternoon as he was apparently dancing on the ceiling over my mother-in-law's bed. Although I did not witness the scene or body, I believe it was my 7 legged friend Ans and I found last night.

On a lighter note, After watching a man who looked suspiciously like Dog the Bounty Hunter spend a good half hour purchase a large comb, I went to investigate what could keep him cativated for so long. Well I ended up buying myself a comb too in the process. The man who sold it to me was a nice chinese man. He told me that the comb would 1)make my hair stronger 2)make my hair healthier and 3)make me smarter...seriously. He also told me that if I am unsure about using his comb, I can start off with a small special comb and then after a couple of months, when i am convinced...i can upgrade to a bigger and better comb. I'm not kidding. he said the word "upgrade". i think he watches VH1.

Seeing as he was an expert in combs and realizing that I might never come across this opportunity again, i asked which of his combs would be best for me. He randomly reached out behind him and pull out from a pile of combs a wooden one and told me that it was a good comb for me. I agreed as it had a poorly crafted inlay of a cherry blossom and two dragons that looked something like a cross between white seaweed and hooks. being the genius that i am, i had to ask how often should i use the special comb to which he replied in a very cute accent, "actually, it is very normal for people to comb hair everyday- most comb 2 times day, in the morning, and before bed. look at me, i carry special comb in pocket and comb hair whenever". he must have thought i was a complete moron who never brushes (partly true, though) as he continued to educate me on the times of day "normal" people brush their hair and why. i will keep you posted as to how healthy my hair is and how smart i can get.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Things I find at 2am

Anso and I just finished watching the uncut, unrated version of Grandma's Boy (most premium movie) and we went to the kitchen to get some water. I had my first cane spider experience (see photo) and freaked out big time. Okay so I've heard of cane spiders, but I've never seen one. Actually I've never seen a spider that looks like its capable of doing taxes and lecturing me. Notice that he only has 7 legs...I have named him Mortimer and his cockroach friend is Gus. I found Mortimer in the pantry and Gus was on the kitchen counter.

I suspect they were both grinding on my brownies up until we disturbed them. Mortimer seemed pretty gentle, he walked slowly and tolerated photo taking. We tried filming Mortimer but all we got was a one second fuzzy clip. If you look closely at the first clip you can see him on the orange trash can.

Then I try to find him to get a better shot of him. I was very very scared when I did this and I wasn't moving slow to keep from scaring him away. I was moving very slowly because I thought Mortimer was going to jump out from behind the trash can and eat my face off. I never did see him again.

And that was my night. The main point is: Mortimer was freakin' huge!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My boyfriend's back!

Ans is back from his trip to Hong Kong. He left on Saturday to go see his grandfather, Goon Goon, who was sick. I'm happy he went because he hasn't seen his grandparents in 10 years and this trip was long overdue. His grandfather has lung cancer but is in overall good spirits. We will know more about it as time & tests go by...

Ans was relieved to be back and he also brought me back the most awesome phone in the planet. I'm still discovering what it can do. But last night, Ans showed me it had a flashlight in it- I think that's crazy! smart, but crazy! I can also download songs onto it and make them ringtones. I wasted a full day yesterday playing with it when I should have been working.
Here is a stock photo of the most wonderful phone in the world:
The back is a full 2mega pixel camera! Its very fun and I will be able to post audio clips now to the blog! So check back often- this blog is going to rock!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Martinis on me!

Because today Allcarbon listed me as a "cool blog". I feel pretty special. and when i figure out how to put Allcarbon on my blog as a link (under the profile) i will most certainly do so. seriously, how do you make your blog look so hip (read "hot" but someone told me not to say "hot" as in "your blog is so hot" because it makes people uncomfortable...).

this is a statue of old naked people- the word "hot" does not come to mind in any way. are they tucking?

will post more later- it is A's 28th b-day today! he is somewhere over the pacific ocean _right_ now...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Convincing Danu!

My second post goes out to you Danu! because I know you are somewhere in Florida, reading this and comptemplating joining me. Meanwhile, your cat is sitting on your shoulder like a bird or she is looking at you trying to convince you as well to write. write. write. I really want you to either join this blog or start your own because you are absolutely freakin' nuts and we really need to get you "out there" more. No seriously, wtfn? Come with me. It will be fun. Seriously. call me.
Okay Allcarbon- my very first post goes out to you- i've been thinking of starting a blog ever since you got yours going and now you've gone and stopped updating yours. i mean, come on! the last entry was some half assed blip stating that you _will_ write (soon) about the weather...

my cat just brought home a giant cockaroach...she is on her back now kicking it up in the air...i fear kafka dreams again...gotta go