Friday, April 13, 2007

Cat, i'm a kitty cat

Okay, so I noticed that my last two posts were about things that I love. So continuing along that line of thought here's the Kitty Cat Dance.

The cat is saying "purrrvoctive posing" and "I say sexy things to myself when i'm daaancing". Genius.

If you want to know, the cat's name is Kayla and she's on myspace (ihatemyspace).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This cracks me up

Stuff like this cracks me up. See how simple the design is? I love living here! It's just three monkeys. Two sentences. I love it. Just like I love this Japaneses video.

I love these people

I missed a night out at the gardens tonight...working on taxes. I wish i could have seen these guys, they are hands down, two of my favorite people here on the island.

That's my penis, by the way. I brought it back from Hong Kong on a recent trip and I gave it to E (on left) and it was considered lost within a few hours. S (on right) was raking the yard a few days later and uncovered it. He didn't know that it was E's. He immediately saw how awesome it was and picked the little guy up and clean it. Why he's in pink lingerie is another story.

I'm a chien

I'm working at my laptop right now, listening to the Pixies, and my nephew is shouting at me to "change this crap". I'm so disappointed. Disappointed enough to attempt to blog this event. All he wants to listen to is the Black Eyed Peas (avec Fergie). What is the youth of today coming to? I can accept that he won't listen to even 10 seconds of Tom Waits, but he really needs to get his shit together and start loving Debaser.
I mean like right. now.

I do like to think i've done _some_good. He just asked to hear some RJD2.