Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cookie Chronicles

Okay, sorry folks, this is another entry about cats. It's about one cat, actually- Cookie Mamish. She is a Maine Coon mix that started life up in Yonkers and now, before the day is done, will find herself (*hopefully*) in Pinetop, Arizona. Danu is in the process, I'm sure, of preparing for the trip. She and Cookie are actually in Florida chilling with some gators. Seriously.
See, Danu, her mom, and Cookie left their dwelling in Connecticut last month and took a road trip down to Florida with Cookie. Cookie is not your ordinary cat. For one thing, she's huge. While she only weights 11 pounds, she looks close to 20lb. I'm not kidding. Plus she acts like a combination of a well trained bird and a poorly trained dog. Anyhoot, Danu, her mom, and Cookie drove down to Florida with this ginourmous cat that likes to sit on shoulders. They had to sneek her into hotel rooms and Cookie hung out with truckers at gas stations.
Today Cookie will be going through Immigration and Security like a regular person. I hope she stays calm throughout the whole ordeal. Once Danu and Cookie make it to Arizona, they have another 3-4 hour car ride to Cookie's new home somewhere in the mountains with three dudes. Why is Cookie going to Arizona? Because, she can't very well go to Syria! Cookie understand very basic Arabic. Mostly "Get off my bed", and "You are trying to ruin me". She would not fit in there.
Good luck Danu & Cookie!

Update! Cookie and Danu made it all the way to Pinetop. They braved lightening storms and dead car batteries but they made in one peice. One word of advice for future cat travelers: do not wear black when you take your cat to the airport.

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