Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Songs that say Fuck You

I saw Cee Lo's (Thomas Calloway's) performance for the Grammy's and immediate recognized it as a homage to Elton's Muppet performance. What I didn't know was that the original wasn't "Forget You" but "Fuck You" much much better (although no Muppet reference). Only Calloway can make such a hard, debase phrase sound as upbeat, cheerful, and American as apple pie from the 50's.

 And then I stumbled onto this gem of a song, "Horse Outside" by the Rubberbandits...I am sooooo going to be singing this song one day. But it'll be about my mini donkey.

 These guys are awesome! And instead of an Elton tip, they definitely have an MJ thing going that is sweet! Will definitely be looking up more about these boys from Limerick, Ireland!