Friday, September 08, 2006

Things I find at 2am

Anso and I just finished watching the uncut, unrated version of Grandma's Boy (most premium movie) and we went to the kitchen to get some water. I had my first cane spider experience (see photo) and freaked out big time. Okay so I've heard of cane spiders, but I've never seen one. Actually I've never seen a spider that looks like its capable of doing taxes and lecturing me. Notice that he only has 7 legs...I have named him Mortimer and his cockroach friend is Gus. I found Mortimer in the pantry and Gus was on the kitchen counter.

I suspect they were both grinding on my brownies up until we disturbed them. Mortimer seemed pretty gentle, he walked slowly and tolerated photo taking. We tried filming Mortimer but all we got was a one second fuzzy clip. If you look closely at the first clip you can see him on the orange trash can.

Then I try to find him to get a better shot of him. I was very very scared when I did this and I wasn't moving slow to keep from scaring him away. I was moving very slowly because I thought Mortimer was going to jump out from behind the trash can and eat my face off. I never did see him again.

And that was my night. The main point is: Mortimer was freakin' huge!

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