Thursday, September 07, 2006

My boyfriend's back!

Ans is back from his trip to Hong Kong. He left on Saturday to go see his grandfather, Goon Goon, who was sick. I'm happy he went because he hasn't seen his grandparents in 10 years and this trip was long overdue. His grandfather has lung cancer but is in overall good spirits. We will know more about it as time & tests go by...

Ans was relieved to be back and he also brought me back the most awesome phone in the planet. I'm still discovering what it can do. But last night, Ans showed me it had a flashlight in it- I think that's crazy! smart, but crazy! I can also download songs onto it and make them ringtones. I wasted a full day yesterday playing with it when I should have been working.
Here is a stock photo of the most wonderful phone in the world:
The back is a full 2mega pixel camera! Its very fun and I will be able to post audio clips now to the blog! So check back often- this blog is going to rock!

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