Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mango Mania

Okay, so the best thing about Hawaii, isn't the beaches, or the girls, or the gay's the mangos. This is the biggest mango i've ever seen. It doesn't look big in the picture, even with the ruler, but it is about the size of a 7 month old baby's head. Trust me. I checked. This mango weighted over 2 pounds! This mango was enough to feed 4 people. It was very very good. We had a very poor mango season this year due to all the dry weather last year. Lychee's also suffered. Can't wait for next year's mango season- it should be good.


all carbon said...

UNCLE! Your mango has my papaya beat.

danu said...

franuuuuuuuuuuu! I didn't think you would write again. Great stuff stuff...mortimer and mangos...i wish you had this blog stuff up when you were getting all those haircuts...ummm...and post on the special comb progress...this special comb business is the best thing i have heard about in a while.

all carbon said...

I had the second largest papaya ever for dinner last night, because I already ate the largest papaya ever. What have you been up to. Come check out my gratuitous face pictures!