Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Martinis on me!

Because today Allcarbon listed me as a "cool blog". I feel pretty special. and when i figure out how to put Allcarbon on my blog as a link (under the profile) i will most certainly do so. seriously, how do you make your blog look so hip (read "hot" but someone told me not to say "hot" as in "your blog is so hot" because it makes people uncomfortable...).

this is a statue of old naked people- the word "hot" does not come to mind in any way. are they tucking?

will post more later- it is A's 28th b-day today! he is somewhere over the pacific ocean _right_ now...

1 comment:

all carbon said...

Yes, definitely tucking. Everyone tucks...I think. Do you?

I love your pictures. They're so fabulous.

Sending A good birthday thoughts! Please wish him a happy bday when you see him, which is probably when you wake up. :-)