Saturday, September 09, 2006

Special Combs & Tributes

Update: The giant freaky cane spider has "crossed over" (see previous post). He was discovered this afternoon as he was apparently dancing on the ceiling over my mother-in-law's bed. Although I did not witness the scene or body, I believe it was my 7 legged friend Ans and I found last night.

On a lighter note, After watching a man who looked suspiciously like Dog the Bounty Hunter spend a good half hour purchase a large comb, I went to investigate what could keep him cativated for so long. Well I ended up buying myself a comb too in the process. The man who sold it to me was a nice chinese man. He told me that the comb would 1)make my hair stronger 2)make my hair healthier and 3)make me smarter...seriously. He also told me that if I am unsure about using his comb, I can start off with a small special comb and then after a couple of months, when i am convinced...i can upgrade to a bigger and better comb. I'm not kidding. he said the word "upgrade". i think he watches VH1.

Seeing as he was an expert in combs and realizing that I might never come across this opportunity again, i asked which of his combs would be best for me. He randomly reached out behind him and pull out from a pile of combs a wooden one and told me that it was a good comb for me. I agreed as it had a poorly crafted inlay of a cherry blossom and two dragons that looked something like a cross between white seaweed and hooks. being the genius that i am, i had to ask how often should i use the special comb to which he replied in a very cute accent, "actually, it is very normal for people to comb hair everyday- most comb 2 times day, in the morning, and before bed. look at me, i carry special comb in pocket and comb hair whenever". he must have thought i was a complete moron who never brushes (partly true, though) as he continued to educate me on the times of day "normal" people brush their hair and why. i will keep you posted as to how healthy my hair is and how smart i can get.


all carbon said...

that just made me laugh out loud.

all carbon said...

I see from the frequency with which you have been updating your blog that you have been busy combing your hair.

franu! said...

Hey hey hey! I need to get my smarts on! Plus I don't think its working. Did I tell you I went back and bought another, bigger comb? I did. I couldn't help myself. The first one felt so good! I thought a bigger one would be better, but honestly, it's not as nice as my first one.