Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Brithday!

Today was Ans' b-day so we celebrated by spending the day at the beach. One of my favorite beaches on Oahu has to be Lanikai beach. The sand is so soft and if you go during the week day its pretty empty. But the fun thing was we swam out to Popoia Island from Kailua beach. Its a little less than half a mile swim to get there. Popoia Island is a bird sanctuary but there were a lot of dead birds scattered all over the island. I don't see a lot of dead birds so i'm not sure that goes first, but the dead birds on Popoia Island were freaky because only their wings were left....there were very few bird bodies left...just wings. Strange right? Besides the plethora of dead birds on the Bird Sanctuary Island I could find large deposits of salt crystals on the island. If you ever go there try to bring reef shoes because the island is very hot and the ground is very sharp in some places from the coral.

We also had dinner at Dick & Balls with Ans' family which ended up being very fun partially due to the amount of alcohol being consumed. The bartender took a liking to my husband and he got over 8 free drinks....and out of sheer luck i managed to hit the jackpot on skeeball. You learn things about people when you go to D & how high they can jump (or not jump) ...its very enlightening. The night ended with over 5,000 tickets and everyone getting finger shaped nose hair trimmers and farting pens.

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