Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Island Vacation

Ans & I enjoyed a week on the Big Island with my family. After a long month of constant work and no play, my family surprised us with a much needed vacation/ reunion to the Big Island. This photo strikes me because my niece is angelically highlighted by sunlight...fun times!

I also learned something at the volcano. My mom said her ancestors live in the lave tube. I kid you not. She says crazy stuff like that all the time. Ans gets a kick out of it. We tried to get her talking about it on film, but she got camera shy.

Here's the group shot at the Volcano:...I don't know why I look larger than everyone else...no one in the photo looks related to anyone else...
Here's the video of us trying to get Adam to sit for the group shot:

This is us in the mini van...no family vacation is complete without the mini van. This van was much better than last time when mom had to sit on the floor and there were cockroaches everywhere. Our very first family vacation was almost 10 years ago to this day. It was historic...let's just say it was from La Jolla to Big Sur and it was the longest ride of my life and no one was allowed to sleep...that's all I can say. I was surprised Ans stuck around after that but things worked out :)

We of course stopped at Hapuna Beach for some boogie boarding and sand building:
We were also treated to a night at the Hilton Waikoloa. I like this hotel because its just fun. Its made for families. You have three options to get to your hotel room 1) walk (but who wants to do that but you actually usually end up walking because the stupid tram takes so long) 2- ride the tram and 3) ride a boat. I kid you not. You can ride a boat to your hotel room. Well it takes you to your hotel building but there's three buildings and its a fun ride. There's always a flock of Myna birds in the trees making a ruckus too. The dolphins are fun to look at. they like to swim up close to you and look you right in the eye. I don't think they're in greatest of shapes though.

This is Ans sliding down the biggest slide at the Waikoloa Hotel. I like how he has his "Extreme" Face going on...
And if you can see in this little picture you'll see the legs of my momma as she exits the slide sideways .
This little picture might be the best part of the trip. My mom, if you've ever met my mom, is a little Japanese lady and when she speaks to you, you end up looking like a deer in headlights. I understand her most of the time but its difficult for most people. She's about 4ft tall. At most. She also doesn't swim. At all. I spent a good deal of time growing up just trying to get her to float...something just isn't working. As soon as she was in the pool, my brother in law was there to swoop her up & out onto dry land. I'm so proud of mom for going down the slide! She was scared but when she saw little Adam go down she was determined. Plus I ended up having to push her down when she at the last minute tried to back out of it much to the amusement of the other slide riders who didn't know what she was shouting at me.

After her big adventure down the slide, mom found herself a hot tub:

Hopefully we'll be able to go back again soon!

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