Friday, January 28, 2011

Adventures in Ulcerville with Special Guest- Juicer

So it seems the Year of Tiger has one last fight and belted me and A with ulcers. DH also got a nice head cold to top it off. Ulcers are a curious thing to me. They seem to come in stages, sometimes leaving without ever saying hi. I've been saying for years, "oh i'm still hungry" or "geez, I just ate but I still feel hungry". And usually someone replies "Time to feed your tapeworm" or "Maybe it's an ulcer". I think after all these years, it must have been an ulcer. A few days back though after eating one too many times at my new weakness, "The Habit", I developed a new feeling. A little more gnawing than usual, met with a healthy dose of nausea and what you could say, discomfort. I kept telling A for days, "I think my ulcer's back" but I didn't really _believe_ it. I still like the "if-I-ignore-it-it-might-go-away" approach to illness. And you know what, after eating yams for two days, whatever I had did go away. It went straight to A, and then reinvented itself.
    A is also interesting to me because he deals with pain differently than me. I like to ignore pain, question myself sometimes like "was that _really_ a sharp stabbing feeling in my kidney? nah, i must be crazy. If I feel it again, then maybe it was something". And then 10 min. later "I think I felt that sharp pain again, oh you know what, maybe that was the first time I felt it. I'll see if it happens again" and so on.  He on the other hand has a much more practical approach that is more like "WTF is going on with me?". A developed a full on ulcer and also a nice sinus cold. I jumped online to find out what I could about home remedies. Behold, the internet led me to the awesome powers of the Juicer.
    I quickly ordered one from Amazon, two day delivery (i love Amazon worth it. Not like stupid Harbor Fright Inside Track Club- don't do it. If you do, make sure you get the receipt because they might not remember to log you in) and it got to us in 1 day. And I've been reading up on the benefits of juiced cabbage, beets, etc. Needless to say the DH has been on a cabbage and yam diet for the past two days as well as taking OTC and is doing much better. I was surprised how sweet juiced cabbage is! Yum! Today E and I went to the supermarket and bought all sorts of veggies that good decent folk probably buy all the time. At the checkout we were so excited about the juicer we told the cashier about it and she said she had thought so. The beets gave it away. And she said she too wanted to get a juicer for x amount of years. I didn't tell her then, but I wish I had said "DO IT!" It's so much fun and if you are vegitally disabled like me, its so worth it. Tomorrow I'm going to juice cucumbers, ginger root, and carrots. It's going to be awesome.

A's head cold though is being tricky. Just put a humidifier by the bed and hopefully that will help settle down the night time coughs (also due in part from the ulcer). Also giving him ginger tea and honey. Would like to also add some ACV but he won't drink it. I read carrot juice is also supposed to help with dry night cough but he's also not interested in that. I'm surprised actually he took the cabbage juice but he said it was the only thing that he could eat at first without the ulcer acting up. Before the juicer came I was blending cabbage in a vita mix. Bleech. It was awful but it still worked. Tastes very different from the cabbage juice from the the Juicer.

Also in recent news around here, Cousin J drove up from a jobby job interview in Palo Alto to say "hi". So nice to see him again. Can't help but talk a little about family and get a little sad how every one gets older, their mind changes, it's all inevitable I supposed. But it really is a blessing I think when you _know_ someone is going to go. The sudden unexpected ones leave much different impacts on you that just never goes away. Been trying to change my views on aging which was/is aging sucks to aging is awesome. Working on it.

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