Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween keeps on Giving

So by all accounts, this was a very tame and family friendly Halloween. No plushie costumes. No alcohol. No inappropriate dancing. I stayed home, handed out candy to the good citizens of East Bay. But I didn't realize how much I loved Halloween until maybe 2 days before it came around. I tried not to think about I guess, thinking that the best Halloweens happen only in Hawaii. But no! Halloween's can be awesome here in the Bay Area too! There are two things that make Halloween superior here than in Hawaii.
1) The pumpkins here are HUGE and cheap. Both of these things appeal immensely to my artistic DH.
2) The squirrels.

Yes, I said it. The Squirrels make Halloween awesome*. Check out my pictures:
Anson carved out the best pumpkin ever! I didn't realize the pumpkins are really exceptional carving mediums. It's true. If you have a good set of carving tools, it's a very calming experience to just chisel away a freakish face. Can't wait till next year!

*actually what made Halloween excellent was of course, Anson. Not only did he carve an insane pumpkin but he made breakfast that somehow resembled toast barfing up intestines and yet tasted exquisite.

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all carbon said...

So glad you're writing regularly again. Makes me happy. xoxo.