Sunday, July 08, 2007

Which Fight Club character are you?

I agree with Allcarbon....who's the a-hole generating all these stupid quizzes? For shits & giggles i tried this one because at one point I was a fan of the movie Fight Club. Now as old age approaches I can't even remember what the movie was about...something about human lard and soap...and some crazy guy who kept punching himself in the face... I guess I should be happy i'm not that guy, but I'm not too sure if being this chick is any better...

You scored as Marla Singer, You're Marla Singer. You're upset with your life or you're just in poverty. You believe you have cancer, but you won't go to the doctor due to insurance even though you have 2 lumps on your breast. But if that doesn't kiss you, you're going to overdose and die... okay, HAVE A NICE DAY!

Marla Singer


Big Bob




The Mechanic


A Space Monkey


Tyler Durden


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