Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Shopping leads to bull riding

The best part of this holiday season was watching Ado try out a mechanical bull at a store.
Here's the clip:

What you're watching is my nephew ride what Brookstone calls a mechanical fitness machine. It's a iGallop and its supposed to be work out your abs. This is from their website:

Looking good and feeling great just got a whole lot easier.
The OSIM® iGallop™ is the revolutionary exerciser that can help you shape and tone your tummy, hips, seat and thighs. The secret is in its zero-impact, tri-axial riding action. Your body automatically responds to its multidirectional movement, and this balancing engages certain muscle groups and may help improve coordination and posture.

Too bad the video quality is so poor- it was hysterical watching this guy ride the iGallop, especially with the live music in the background. It was perfect.

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