Sunday, November 12, 2006

Star Fruit Season!

After a very dry winter ('05), spring, and summer, Hawaii almost seemed to have bypassed starfruit season. But perhaps it is never too late for the star fruit and our tree has finally produced this year's harvest! Three years ago I would have easily passed up any opportunity to eat star fruit. It just didn't taste good to me, but now I really can't get enough of it. I swear our star fruit tree is producing fruit that tastes different from before! Some people say it tastes like pineapple meets orange or even a lemon, but it really isn't about the feels rubbery and watery at the same time. It really is a bizzare and wonderful fruit.

We even found two mutants- one fruit with only three sides;

and we found one with 6 sides!

(Sliced- looks like the Star of David. Maybe Ans & I shouldn't have eaten it...)

Front View of 6 sided most holy star fuit

Another shot of the 6 sided star fruit!

and here is a photo of a normal star fruit

Intoxication by star fruit?


all carbon said...

"Certain patients with renal failure display behavioural and cognitive alterations compatible with neurologic effects after ingesting star fruit (Averrhoa carambola; Figure 1Go). In 1998, we reported that the ingestion of star fruit led to neurological disturbances, including hiccups and mental confusion, and death in one patient after presenting with convulsions"

Are you sure you should be eating starfruit?

all carbon said...

Um, are you still under the influence of Starfruit?

Franu said...

yes. we're staying indoors making jewelry & watching "the jerk" ... waiting for our special purpose.

all carbon said...

Did you find it yet? Your special purpose? Wait, were you born a poor black boy, because I think I know how this story ends.